In my 25 years of public policy experience I have seen many clients invest enormous time and effort in establishing complex and integrated risk management frameworks, but the concept of political risk and how it can impact on their business or corporate objectives -often fails to receive the same level of attention.

As a public affairs specialist, assisting companies and organisations in managing political risk is at the core of what I do. Continue reading “DO YOU UNDERSTAND POLITICAL RISK?”


At a Glance

The Turnbull Government is committed to budget repair.

But the question we must ask is why will the Senate crossbench be motivated to support the Government in its budget repair endeavours, when supporting these measures will endanger their own political survival. Continue reading “IN YOUR BEST INTEREST?”


At a Glance

Malcolm Fraser once famously said … “life wasn’t meant to be easy”.  With the resumption of Federal Parliament next week, Malcolm Turnbull is about to find out that the 45th Parliament isn’t going to be easy either.

With a 1 seat majority and a diverse Senate the Prime Minister could find himself travelling down a very rocky road. Continue reading “THE LONG AND WINDING ROAD”


At a Glance

As Malcolm Turnbull and his newly sworn in Ministry get down to work, the number one issue confronting the Government is budget repair.

The ALP committed during the campaign to support a number of savings measures they had previously opposed in the Senate, such as changes to the family payments system and research and development tax incentives. Continue reading “BUDGET DISREPAIR?”