At a Glance

As Malcolm Turnbull and his newly sworn in Ministry get down to work, the number one issue confronting the Government is budget repair.

The ALP committed during the campaign to support a number of savings measures they had previously opposed in the Senate, such as changes to the family payments system and research and development tax incentives. Continue reading “BUDGET DISREPAIR?”



At a Glance

The possibility of a hung parliament and a minority Turnbull Government potentially has major implications for the health portfolio, health stakeholders and the PBS.

When you take into account there will be a more fractured Senate it’s safe to draw the conclusion that health care stakeholders will have to play a more nuanced game in their engagement with Canberra. Continue reading “HUNG PARLIAMENT, HEALTH & THE PBS”


Oh… What a Night!

This morning Australia has awoken not knowing whether Malcolm Turnbull can form a majority Government.

This was not the result that Malcolm Turnbull and the Government were either hoping for or expecting.

As it stands, the AEC have Labor leading with 72 seats and the Coalition 66 seats.  There will be 1 Green, 1 NXT, 3 Independents, and 7 seats remain in doubt. Continue reading “MALCOLM MISFIRES”


 At a Glance

And the winner is…certainly not the Australian people.

We find ourselves coming to the end of an 8-week campaign when Australia finally goes to the polls this Saturday. The nation will let out a collective sigh of relief, as we choose who to govern us for the next 3 years.

Will it be Malcolm Turnbull and ‘Jobs and Growth’ or Bill Shorten ‘Putting People First’? Continue reading “ARE WE THERE YET?”


At a Glance

Nick Xenophon the South Australian Senator and leader of the Nick Xenophon Team (note it’s a team and not a party more about that later) looms as a political wrecking ball for the major parties in his home state.

His brand of political populism wrapped up in the language of moderation, has made him a powerful third force, drawing support from both traditional ALP and Liberal party supporters. Continue reading “THE RISE & RISE OF NICK XENOPHON”


At a Glance

Leadership has always been presented as the glittering prize in politics.  It’s the pinnacle of politics that many aspire to but only few achieve.

Its interesting to see that more recently, continuing leadership of a major political party in Australia has become a much more fickle commodity. Continue reading “WHAT WILL BECOME OF BILL?”


At a Glance

So, here we are, half way through the federal election and we ask ourselves how did we get here?

Let’s go back to where it all began.

A newly minted Prime Minister Turnbull, riding high in the early polls, decided it would be a good idea to eliminate the disruptive crossbench Senators who were frustrating the Governments legislative agenda. Continue reading “NOTHING VENTURED…NOTHING GAINED?”


At a Glance

You know the election is on when no shopping centre in a marginal seat is safe from the glare of television cameras, reporters and the campaign bandwagon, with leaders kissing babies, pumping the flesh and hugging pensioners.

In this election, the Government is protecting 23 marginal seats, of which Labor must win 19 to win Government. The Government cannot afford to lose more than 13 seats or once again there will be a hung parliament. Continue reading “IT’S All ABOUT THE MARGINS”


 Disaster Looming for Turnbull Government in the Senate

 At a Glance

In an effort to get rid of the micro party Senators and end Senate obstructionism the Prime Minister called the first Double Dissolution election since 1987 on the 8th May.

Having changed the Senate voting system to help achieve this, the Senate composition is unlikely to change significantly and the Government may actually face a more challenging Senate after 2 July. Continue reading “SENATE 2016– DISASTER IN THE MAKING?”