At a Glance

Malcolm Fraser once famously said … “life wasn’t meant to be easy”.  With the resumption of Federal Parliament next week, Malcolm Turnbull is about to find out that the 45th Parliament isn’t going to be easy either.

With a 1 seat majority and a diverse Senate the Prime Minister could find himself travelling down a very rocky road. Continue reading “THE LONG AND WINDING ROAD”



At a Glance

The possibility of a hung parliament and a minority Turnbull Government potentially has major implications for the health portfolio, health stakeholders and the PBS.

When you take into account there will be a more fractured Senate it’s safe to draw the conclusion that health care stakeholders will have to play a more nuanced game in their engagement with Canberra. Continue reading “HUNG PARLIAMENT, HEALTH & THE PBS”


Oh… What a Night!

This morning Australia has awoken not knowing whether Malcolm Turnbull can form a majority Government.

This was not the result that Malcolm Turnbull and the Government were either hoping for or expecting.

As it stands, the AEC have Labor leading with 72 seats and the Coalition 66 seats.  There will be 1 Green, 1 NXT, 3 Independents, and 7 seats remain in doubt. Continue reading “MALCOLM MISFIRES”


At a Glance

So, here we are, half way through the federal election and we ask ourselves how did we get here?

Let’s go back to where it all began.

A newly minted Prime Minister Turnbull, riding high in the early polls, decided it would be a good idea to eliminate the disruptive crossbench Senators who were frustrating the Governments legislative agenda. Continue reading “NOTHING VENTURED…NOTHING GAINED?”