At a Glance

March was not a good month for minor parties, but as Mark Twain once said….“the reports of my death are greatly exaggerated”.

Nick Xenophon’s SA Best Party, misfired in the South Australian state election, failing to win a single lower house seat. The Greens failed in their bid to win the Batman by-election in Victoria.  In their heartland, Tasmania, the party lost a seat and went from three to two MPs.

From these March results, it’s clear that the success of minor parties is not universal. Continue reading “IS THE PARTY OVER?”


At a Glance

The Federal Parliament is now in recess until the May Budget, with the Government looking to ‘lock down’ it down. The budget remains a major issue for the Government facing the ongoing challenge of ‘debt and deficit’.

Scott Morrison is seeking the political kudos that comes from being perceived as ‘a superior economic manager’, but budget repair is proving ever more elusive. Continue reading “POLITICAL TARGETS”


At a Glance

It’s been a challenging start to the year for the Government.

In January, the then Minister for Health was caught up in a travel rorts scandal that led to her resignation.  Senator Bernardi jumped ship to the Senate crossbench and George Christensen MP is looking ever more likely to join the crossbenchers in the House of Representatives, having announced his resignation as a parliamentary whip.

Couple this with the latest Newspoll showing the Government trailing the Opposition by 45-55 on a two-party preferred basis.

If the first two months are any indication, the Prime Minister is in for a rough ride for the rest of 2017. Continue reading “HAPPY NEW YEAR MR. TURNBULL?”


At a Glance

Malcolm Fraser once famously said … “life wasn’t meant to be easy”.  With the resumption of Federal Parliament next week, Malcolm Turnbull is about to find out that the 45th Parliament isn’t going to be easy either.

With a 1 seat majority and a diverse Senate the Prime Minister could find himself travelling down a very rocky road. Continue reading “THE LONG AND WINDING ROAD”


At a Glance

As Malcolm Turnbull and his newly sworn in Ministry get down to work, the number one issue confronting the Government is budget repair.

The ALP committed during the campaign to support a number of savings measures they had previously opposed in the Senate, such as changes to the family payments system and research and development tax incentives. Continue reading “BUDGET DISREPAIR?”



At a Glance

The possibility of a hung parliament and a minority Turnbull Government potentially has major implications for the health portfolio, health stakeholders and the PBS.

When you take into account there will be a more fractured Senate it’s safe to draw the conclusion that health care stakeholders will have to play a more nuanced game in their engagement with Canberra. Continue reading “HUNG PARLIAMENT, HEALTH & THE PBS”


Oh… What a Night!

This morning Australia has awoken not knowing whether Malcolm Turnbull can form a majority Government.

This was not the result that Malcolm Turnbull and the Government were either hoping for or expecting.

As it stands, the AEC have Labor leading with 72 seats and the Coalition 66 seats.  There will be 1 Green, 1 NXT, 3 Independents, and 7 seats remain in doubt. Continue reading “MALCOLM MISFIRES”


At a Glance

So, here we are, half way through the federal election and we ask ourselves how did we get here?

Let’s go back to where it all began.

A newly minted Prime Minister Turnbull, riding high in the early polls, decided it would be a good idea to eliminate the disruptive crossbench Senators who were frustrating the Governments legislative agenda. Continue reading “NOTHING VENTURED…NOTHING GAINED?”